Monday, August 10, 2009

Bayside Messages now in MP3 Format

We at These Last Days Ministries are happy to announce that the audio files for the Bayside Messages have been converted to MP3s. This new feature will allow people all 0ver the world to listen to Our Lady's messages with great ease and on the go. It will now be possible to load the Messages into a MP3 or Ipod.

You will find the MP3 files of the Bayside messages here.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

These Last Days in now in Twitter

We at These Last Days Ministries have long been commited to spreading the messages of Our Lady of the Roses to the world. In order to do so, we believe that it is important to take advatnage of all new technology. We would like to annouce that TLDMorg is now on Twitter. You can find us here:

If you already have a Twitter account, keep an eye on TLDMorg for the latest news.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

View in Any Language

We are happy to announce a new feature that will make accessible to more people around the world.  At the upper right of the site, there is now dropdown box that will translate an entire webpage at a time.  Below is a picture of the tool.


All a visitor needs to do is click the drop down box and select a language.  After a second or two, the entire page is translated into the selected language.  Any link that the visitor then clicks on will be translated, as well.

There are a 34 languages to chose from including German, Spanish, French, Hindi, Polish, Italian, Arabic, and Russian.

We hope that this tool will make the messages of Our Lady more accessible to many people around the world.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hemingway on the German Inflation of 1922

Ernest Hemingway wrote of the terrible efect of inflation in Germany following World War I. He tells of how people from surround coutries took advantage of the weak German mark. Read his first hand expierence here.
Take a minute to read this because it is starting to happen here in the US.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Russia Follows Plans Laid Out by Sun Tzu - Part 1

Those of you who read the website on a regular basis have probably seen the article that was posted yesterday about Russia and Sun Tzu's seven questions. According to Sun Tzu, these questions "forecast victory or defeat". If you have not read the article you can find it here.

After a careful reading of Sun Tzu's "The Art of War", it becomes apparent that Russia is following the advice of this ancient Chinese writer.

In the first chapter, entitled Laying Plans, Sun Tzu says, "All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe that we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near."

This, in fact, sums up what Russia has been doing since the end of the Cold War. America and the world has been deceived into believing that the Iron Curtain has fallen and communism is quite dead. Meanwhile, Russia and her agents are working behind the scenes with the goal of world domination.

Lenin is often quoted as saying, "When you are weak pretend you are strong, when you are strong pretend that you are weak." It sound to me as though Lenin read Sun Tzu.

Out Lady of the Roses has warned us time and time again that Russia is deceiving us and working for world domination.

"My children, I do not wish to place fear in your heart, but I cannot allow you to go forward without knowing what is happening about you. I assure you, My children, it is not productive to keep the truth from all and to substitute a climate of false hope and false peace. Know, My children, it is by peace, peace, peace--when the world cries peace the highest and the loudest, know that the destruction is at hand! Do you think there is honesty among thieves? Do you think there is honesty among atheists? Are you so blind, My children, not to recognize that communism has a great hold upon your country and the countries of the world? "O My children, I warned you many years ago, I warned you in Fatima that, unless you prayed and did penance, Russia and the agents of the sickle and the hammer would go throughout the world cutting down nations and bringing death, destruction, and slavery."- Our Lady, April 2, 1977

Our Lady's warnings have not been limited to Bayside, but have also come earlier at Fatima.

“If My requests are heeded, Russia will be converted and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated." - Our Lady of Fatima, July 13, 1917

Directive # 283 - The Deceit of Russia

Russia: Masters of Deceit

Russia steps up bomber exercises near Alaska and Canada

Russia and China Plan for Striking the United States Where It Hurts

Sunday, July 27, 2008

KGB defectors spill the beans

While many Church leaders erroneously assert that Russia is "converted", Russia continues to permit abortion, persecute the Catholic Church, and promote wars throughout the world.

Who can dare claim that we are now in the peace promised by Our Lady at Fatima? If we are not experiencing global world peace, Russia has not been consecrated properly. Simple as that.

In its “Conflict Barometer 2007”, the Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research (HIIK) presented its current data and analyses concerning events in the field of conflicts throughout the world this year. Of the total number of 328 conflicts monitored, the
political scientists class 130 as violent. Of these, 99 are classed as crises, i.e. disputes featuring a sporadic use of violence, and 31 as highly violent conflicts, meaning severe crises and wars.
328 worldwide conflicts. 31 highly violent worldwide conflicts (wars).
One in five pregnancies worldwide end in abortion. In 2003 there were an estimated 42 million surgical abortions worldwide (not including abortions due to abortifacient drugs).
Worldwide peace as promised by Our Lady of Fatima? I don't think so.

Until such time as Our Lady's requests about the consecration of Russia are taken seriously, we can expect the punishment of the "annihilation of nations" prophesied by Our Lady of Fatima, if her requests are not heeded.

KGB defectors are giving us much more truth about the real Russia, than our liberal Catholic bishops.

KGB defector, Major Anatoliy Golitsyn, wrote in a March 1989 memorandum: “The Soviet strategists are counting on an economic depression in the United States"

Golitsyn warned that the 1991 "fall of communism" in Russia was all a planned charade:
Our Lady of the Roses told us the same thing:
"Do not be deceived. Their father is the father of all liars: satan. Their master plan is in motion. Pray for the light. Minds are clouded. I repeat: it is a ruse. Wake up America or you will suffer much." - Our Lady, December 18, 1991

Defector Colonel Lunev was present at a high-level meeting of Russian and Chinese military leaders, where he heard that Russia would unite with China against the U.S. in World War III. Our Lady of the Roses' message told us on March 26, 1983: "Russia will also utilize the manpower of China as they make their thrust forward."

FSB (KGB) defector Alexander Litvinenko, author of the book Blowing Up Russia: Terror From Within, has publicly said that al Qaeda’s number two man, Ayman al-Zawahiri was trained by the FSB (KGB) in Russia. Litvinenko stated: “The second person in the terrorist organization al Qaeda, who allegedly organized the series of explosions in London, Ayman al-Zawahiri, is an old agent of the FSB.”

Litvinenko succumbed to an assassination attempt in November 2006. The [UK] Independent claimed that Litvinenko was poisoned 'on orders of Moscow':

The BBC, in an obituary to Litvinenko, acknowledged his claim that al-Zawahiri was an agent of the FSB:

Is it wishful thinking to believe that Russia is converted? Or is it rather truly insane to believe that Russia poses no threat to the world?
If Russia has not been converted (because the Pope and bishops still must consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, per Our Lady of Fatima's clear and simple request), then the United States risks being "annihilated" as the prophecy warns.
Read what Our Lady of the Roses says concerning Russia, and judge for yourself if it does not correspond to what Russian defectors have already told us:

Sunday, July 20, 2008

'American Hiroshima'

Paul Weyrich's article entitled, "Bin Laden Planning Hiroshima-Type Destruction?" should be read by all.
He tells of the 'American Hiroshima' plot in which Bin Laden (through Russia's willing supply of at least 20 suitcase nuclear bombs) plans to strike American cities, simultaneously.

Sound far fetched? Read Weyrich's article carefully. Hamid Mir, the Pakistani journalist who conducted the only interview of bin Laden after 9/11, says that he was told this directly from Bin Laden.

The article also mentions that these suitcase nukes have entered the U.S. through Mexico, just as Our Lady of the Roses predicted: "Already there are plans afoot, and in the making, with missiles and all dire instruments of destruction. These plans are being formulated from Nicaragua, to go into Mexico, and thereupon into the United States." (Our Lady of the Roses, June 18, 1987. To read the vigil message, click here: To listen to the vigil message, click here:

Weyrich's article furthermore mentions Russia's involvement in this plot. Again, Our Lady of the Roses warned us: "Russia plans to invade the United States with missiles!" (March 26, 1983. To read the vigil message, click here: To listen to the vigil message, click here:

Colonel Lunev, one of the highest Russian defectors, warned that Russia planned to use these suitcase nukes against the U.S.:

Unless a lot more Americans wake up, dispel their wishful thinking and start praying to God and reforming their lives, these punishments will descend upon our country.

Unless the Catholic priests and bishops return to truth, tradition and personal holiness, we will not escape these punishments.

It takes only ONE PERSON who will listen to Our Lady, to make a difference. President Ronald Reagan DID LISTEN to Our Lady of the Roses, and he wasn't even Catholic. He did not need miracles to believe. He was a God-fearing man, and God bless him for his openness to the truth.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

Our Lady of the Roses, pray for us!